Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Seoul Puns

The fact that the word "Seoul" has the same pronunciation as the English words "soul" and "sole" is a punner's and headline writer's dream.

In English "soul" can mean spirit or individual, sole is the bottom of your shoe, a type of fish or can have the meaning of only as in 'the one and only'. Then there is the soul music genre.

Here's a list of our favorite Seoul puns - add yours in the comments section below.

Soul Seoul - spirit, individual

Seoul Brother(s), Seoul Sister(s), Heart and Seoul, Lonely Seoul, Wandering Seoul, Lost Seoul, Seoul Food, Seoul Searching, All Seoul's Day, Rest His/Her Seoul, Seoul Mate, Set My Seoul On Fire, Seoul To Seoul, Seoul Eater, Seoul Dust, Seoul Kitchen, Body and Seoul

Sole Seoul - as in instrinsic, one and only

Seoul Trader, Seoul Survivor, Seoul Application, Seoul Purpose

Soul Seoul - the music

Seoul Classics, 1960s Seoul, Black Seoul, Seoul Man, Soul Lyrics, Seoul Train, Seoul Asylum, Seoul Singers, Seoul Hits, Seoul Music, Seoul Kitchen

Sole Seoul - as in the shoe

Rubber Seoul, Leather Seoul, Double Seoul

Or how about Dover Seoul, Seould Out?

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